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Why Audit?

  • Ensure TTM Operations are beeing managed safely
  • Ensure Compliance with Organisational Policies and Procedures
  • Helps to Standardise good practice

What to Audit?

  • A TTM installation from the perspective of the road user
  • Compliance with statutory requirements - road closures, speed limit orders, etc.
  • TTM Documentation - SOP's, method statements, TTMP
  • The Organisational Policies and Procedures for TTM


  • Guideline frequency as per table below.
  • Inspection aspect as per guidance on inspections.
<12 hours Random Single
>12 hours <1 month 10% Single
1 month to 6 months 50% Single
6 months to 1 year 100% Two
>1 year 100% Quarterly

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Why Inspect?

  • Ensure the safety of road workers and road users
  • Ensure mobility of traffic flow through roadworks
  • Are the works in compliance with Chapter 8 of the TSM

What do you Inspect?

  • The installed layout including the specification and condition of the TTM Elements
  • The installation and removal methodology
  • The function/performance of the TTM Layout from the road users perspective

When do you Inspect?

  • During TTM setup and removal
  • After Installation
  • Long term works - inspect during night time and daytime conditions
  • After modifications or phase changes
  • After incidents or accidents
  • As required by your Organisational policy or procedure

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Do you require Temporary Traffic Management Plans for any site?

We can do the surveying, planning, and design for all your Traffic Management Design needs. 

Our qualified specialist designers can design for all road levels for all roadworks types.

Out traffic Management Plans are done following the latest Industry Standard documentation and software.

Our TTM Design are:

  • Best in Ireland
  • According to the latest Chapter 8 Legislation
  • Qualified Designers
  • Surveyed and Assessed

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